So I received a call from a customer with a Dell 3110cn printer that apparently needed some consumable parts. Specifically, the printer was requesting the fuser and belt unit to be replaced. The printer was nice enough to even supply me with part numbers:
010-421 – Replace Fuser
094-422 – Replace Belt Unit

After searching for these part numbers on Dell’s website, I EVENTUALLY found a forum post that pointed to the correct parts page. This page never mentions the part numbers that the printer made up, so I’m pretty sure it was just screwing with me. To save you (and future me) some time, here is a link to the parts page.
Hell, I’ll even give you a link so that you might purchase it. Yep, I’m that kind of guy.

Dell part #: 310-8730
Manufacturer part #: XG715
The kit includes the fuser, transfer belt, and roller. It is designed to work with both the Dell 3110cn and 3115cn Color Laser printer.

I loathe printers and I felt I should share the following:
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